Ozone therapy helps by rejuvenating damaged brain cells and tissues caused by addiction, while simultaneously minimising withdrawal symptoms.

Damaged tissue requires more oxygen to heal, this is how ozone therapy speeds up healing time and recovery.

When we talk about addiction; we're not only talking about drug and alcohol abuse. An addiction can be anything from coffee, smoking, foods, self-tan, make-up etc.

Did we name one or more of your addictions?

Right.. so how can ozone therapy help my addiction?

Toxins are found everywhere in our environment:

  • artificial sweeteners, pesticides, colorants
  • chemicals in the water you drink
  • plastics
  • household cleaning products
  • cosmetics
  • shampoos and deodorants
  • general pollution

Ozone therapy helps push out these toxins without putting extra strain on other organs such as the kidneys and liver.

The liver is the detoxifier. When it is overwhelmed with toxins, it cannot function and produce the anti-oxidants needed to keep cancer at bay. It cannot breakdown hormones like oestrogen and insulin, thus their levels begin to rise.

When detoxifying alcohol, the liver cannot perform to it's full capacity, and many other cancers also increase with the increase in alcohol consumption. Fat soluble toxins accumulate in fat, and generate more fat, increasing weight gain.

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