Ozone has been proven to cause a dilatation of the endothelium of the arterial wall by increasing nitric oxide levels which increase blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

This helps improve sexual performance and restores blood flow to the genitalia.

Ozone Therapy heightens sexual awareness; over time the increase in oxidase levels increases the production of testosterone.

Ozone Therapy ensures that your tissues receive plenty of oxygen to fuel your performance. This is as true for athletes as it is for you in the bedroom. We receive energy from oxygen so it would make sense that the more oxygen we take in, the more stamina we would have in bed. If arterial blood is deficient in oxygen, then sexual performance drops. Oxygen-rich blood is the most important component for sexual erectile health.

Ozone also has an effect on the hypothalamus to send pleasure signals. One person reported back saying; "I can remember how just the smell of the O3 sent pleasant signals, making me more relaxed and aware at the same time".



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