What are the main effects that can be expected from the use of ozone therapy in diabetes mellitus?

· Increases the entry of glucose from the blood into the tissues.

· Improves the supply of oxygen to tissues.

· Accelerates the metabolism of carbohydrates, including glucose.

· Accelerates healing and reduces the severity of vascular disorders.

Ozone Therapy allows your body to slow down further development of complications and helps prevent catastrophic cardiovascular conditions such as myocardial infarction and stroke. Patients report reduction of symptoms such as reduced visual acuity, numbness in the legs, pain and discomfort during exercise, headaches.

Patients also objectively revealed the normalisation of blood pressure, reduction of excess weight, improvement of eye fungus and angiography of the vessels.

Diabetics run the risk of complications, such as loss of vision, heart disease, nerve dysfunction, and gangrenous limbs. 

Diabetics usually have considerable circulation problems such that the actual blood flow to their tissues is diminished. Patients often have difficulty digesting fats (such as cholesterol and triglycerides) and their arteries tend to thicken and harden.

Levels of ATP:

An important molecule which stores energy in the cells, are also enhanced through ozone therapy. Among other functions, ATP helps each cell maintain the integrity of its membrane, thereby enabling it to regulate the passage of materials into and out of the cell. If the cell membrane collapses, the cell dies; if a lot of cells die you start getting tissue death, and gangrene becomes a possibility. 
Gangrene is a serious diabetic complication.

25% of people with diabetes are at risk of developing a foot ulcer.
 Diabetes contributes 75% of foot amputations.
 Ozone was used to treat gangrene during the First World War.

Ozone has been recognized as one of the best antifungal, antiviral and bactericidal agents, and has also been used clinically as a treatment for chronic wounds, for instance trophic ulcers, ischaemic ulcers and diabetic wounds.

Ozone therapy helps prevent diabetic complications by helping:
 – Cardio-Vascular system (stroke, heart attack, blood pressure, circulation)
 – Endocrine System (weight, cellulite, diabetes, headaches, thyroid)
 – Immune System 
- Digestive System



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