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Ozone Home Therapy
Balance your Immune System 
for Ultimate Protection


Medical ozone has highly pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties, disinfecting, infected wounds, as well as in bacterially and virally produced diseases. Increasing Metabolic efficiency, Improving blood flow, Balancing the immune system. 

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  1. Understanding Ozone 
  2. Disclaimer                     
  3. Myth busters                 
  4. Getting Started             
  5. Oxygen Balloon + Regulator 
  6. Connecting ozone to oxygen
  7. Rectal Insufflation       
  8. FAQ…Rectal                   
  9. Vaginal insufflation       
  10. Penis + Leg Bagging 
  11. Eye Treatments          
  12. Ear Insufflation           
  13. Making ozonated water 
  14.  and Oil                         
  15. Ozone Sauna               
  16. Treatment Routine    
  17. What to expect         
  18. Topical treatments with ozone                    


FDA required disclaimer for sites that do not endorse conventional treatments.

This content is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of such advice or treatment from a personal physician. All readers/viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. I do not take  responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

The statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.

CAUTION: not advised to use ozone in pregnancy. The embryo is a foreign object in body and ozone might  cause an abortion.


Understanding Ozone
Ozone’s ability to stimulate the circulation is used in the treatment of circulatory disorders and makes it valuable in revitalizing organic functions.
When administered at low concentrations, the organism’s own resistance is mobilized, i.e. ozone (re)activates the immune system.
As a response to this activation through ozone, the body’s immune cells produce special messengers called cytokines (including important mediators such as interferons or interleukins). These inform other immune cells, setting off a cascade of positive changes throughout the immune system, which are stimulated to resist diseases for example. This means that the application of medical ozone is extremely useful for immune activation in patients with a low immune status and/or immune deficit.
Small quantities of ozone applied in what is called “major autohemotherapy” (external treatment of the patient’s blood before reinfusion, has an oxygen saturation of 98%.) consequently activate the body’s own antioxidants and radical scavengers. It has been proved that the combination of rectal Insufflation and ozone Sauna reach oxygen saturation of 95-97%
There is a lot of info online to learn more about the in’s and out’s of Ozone in the medical term of it. I want to concentrate on 


Myth busters
Ozone is known to affect the lungs negatively. As we don’t have an antioxidant layer in the lungs to help protect the lungs to neutralize oxidative stress. It can cause us to start coughing. In order to balance that out you can immediately take Vitamin C and once it takes effect it  will reduce the irritations. We will talk about vitamin C again later.
 It is unnecessary to understand or speak in volumes of ozone or ug. We have the best simplest ozone device. And we will work with a timer, on your telephone is best as counting is not accurate.

Getting Started

  1. If you are not under the care of a Naturopath Homeopath or any natural Dr. Please follow these guidelines or discuss this with them.
  2. Vitamins: to start taking at least 1 week before starting ozone therapy
  3. Vitamin: A,E,D, Selenium, Nac (with or without flush), Omega 3, and Zink, used as prescribed on the bottles.
  4. These are the necessary vitamins to help rebuild the cells in the body.
  5. Do NOT take vitamin C or other antioxidants. If you absolutely need to, there needs to be at least 3-4 hours after an ozone treatment. Ozone is an Oxidant, the body has a natural way of activating the antioxidants, to regulate the ozone, but taking more Vit C or antioxidants will more or less neutralize the ozone therapy. You may however start with vitamin C now until your order arrives. If you are ill, take 1000mg vitamin C every 1.30 hours. Stop taking vit C. before starting ozone therapy.
  6. I am a great believer in Vitamin C and it has aided me tremendously in healing different things but for now take a break.
  7. Watch your diet, No sugar, no fried foods, toast is better than bread. Rather small amounts regularly than a big meal, let your energy go to healing rather than digestion.

Oxygen Balloon + Regulator

The Oxygen Tank
 Ask for demonstration of regulator connection to oxygen balloon from source of rental or purchase
Oxygen tanks are required because they contain 99.9% oxygen. You cannot use ambient air or an “oxygen concentrator” because it will produce harmful contaminants. It’s important to note that oxygen tanks are better than oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators do not provide the same level of purity (95% at best) as an oxygen tank (99.9%).
 540 Commercial vs. 870 Medical or 540
 Commercial oxygen tanks are very easy to acquire, which is why most people choose 540 oxygen tanks. A typical oxygen tank will cost between $100-$120 and refills cost $20. It will usually last between 6 to 12 months depending on usage. To find 540 industrial oxygen (no prescription required) 
search for Airgas, Praxair, or a welding supply near you. Go in and ask for a 20cu/ft oxygen tank (size “R”). They will not serve you if they believe you are using it for medical purposes. So find a story to tell
 540 commercial oxygen tanks are rated for the same purity as medical oxygen (99.9%), so there is no difference in purity between an industrial and medical tank.
 To get a 540 commercial oxygen tank
  1. Search for local Airgas, Praxair, or welding supply
  2. Go to the location and ask for a 20 cubic foot oxygen tank (size “R”) 3. They will not serve you if they feel it is for medical purposes. Tell them you are fumigating ozone for mold in the house. 870 Medical oxygen tanks require a prescription from a doctor. There are more issues acquiring medical oxygen tanks which makes the process difficult. An individual can go to a local medical oxygen supply shop once they acquire a prescription. 
To get an 870 medical oxygen tank:
  1. Get a prescription from your doctor for medical oxygen. 
  2. Search for a local medical oxygen supply 
  3. Go in and give them the prescription. They may only have rental options available. 
  4. Pay with cash, not insurance. Insurance will not cover an oxygen tank for ozone therapy.
 Oxygen Tank Regulator This part is easy. If you’re getting a 540 commercial oxygen tank, get the 540 regulator. It doesn’t matter the size of the tank If you’re getting an 870 medical oxygen tank, get the 870 regulator. 
When you go online, you will see a lot of ozone generators used to purify water, air, aquariums, pools, etc. A frequently asked question would be, 
“As a kid I used an ozone generator in my aquarium. Why couldn’t I just use that for ozone therapy?” CONTAMINANTS! Medical grade ozone generators put out an extremely pure form of ozone. Other generators produce lots of contaminants that are ok for purification but you DO NOT want them in your body. These generators for purification create small amounts of ozone from room air for disinfecting but not ozone therapy.  
If you own an Ozone device you are good to go. Otherwise Get this organized first, ORDER YOUR OZONE DEVICE it will take your ozone device 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Connecting ozone device and oxygen balloon

We always work on the lowest first dial of the regulator, as every regulator differs.
Always remember to CLOSE the oxygen on top or it will leak out within 2 hours. 
  1. Your ozone device comes with a silicone tube. I usually place them very close to each other, measure how much tube you need to cut a  SMALL section  off,  to connect oxygen to ozone. On  the bottom section of the regulator is the oxygen” output” that you connect to the ozone“input” (on the side)
  2. On the top of your ozone device is the “output” here you connect the silicone tube or (catheter that screws on)
  3. You get these Catheters with your package.
  4. If you want to buy more catheters you can at a local pharmacy by the F14 OR F12 size, that you connect to the silicone tube that is placed on the output. It’s not a perfect fit for the catheter but I’ve been doing it this way for years.

Ozone Destructor

There are images that show an Ozone destructor. I have never used one. As long as the room is well ventilated I see no reason to use one. How ever if you find yourself coughing a lot during the treatment, 2 things are happening, the ventilation is not sufficient and the ozone is reaching your nostrils, or you are hypersensitive and maybe it is advised to buy an ozone destructor.

Rectal Insufflation

Why rectal insufflations?
Rectal insufflations are a systemic administration route which has several advantages compared to major autohemotherapy (via blood) as it is easy and cost effective. Additionally, there is an absence of pain and no required venous access which is difficult to find especially in cancer patients as well as children and in elderly.
Moreover, it shows the additional benefits of being absorbed through the blood vessels of the rectum which increases oxygenation of the portal vein with a consequent improvement of liver detoxification, especially in reference to the chemotherapeutics drugs. It helps to maintain a stable oxygenation level and pH of the intestinal mucosa with subsequent reduction of the gastrointestinal side effects due to the chemotherapy agents.
Considering the countless benefits of the rectal insufflations, it could be a preferable administration route in order to use ozone as an adjuvant therapy in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
It is a mandatory therapy and every patient irrespective of complaint or disease, must add this process to their regimen, as this treatment allows for the removal of the unwanted intestinal toxins, pathogens and promotes the re-growth of the beneficial flora
Now you are ready to start.
Best after you’ve been to the toilet in the morning.
  1.  Open the oxygen tank with the little dial on the first lowest stand, 
  2. Press the button on the  Ozone device, it will go to green, wait +- 5-10 seconds so that the ozone is streaming out well , you will smell it. 
  3. Always make sure there is a window open and you have good ventilation.
  4. Open your cell phone on the timer. This is important as counting  is not always accurate. Prepare timer for 30 seconds
  5. Lubricate the tip of the catheter with Olive oil, yes olive oil. And insert about  the length of your thumb or more into your rectum. Activate timer.
  6. Try to keep the air in, I contract my butt muscles, to hold it in for 30 seconds, extract the catheter and continue holding another 15 seconds.
  8. Now you can release the air … fart! 
  9. Cleaning the Catheter: wash with soap and water, then place in a small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to disinfect. Remember to rinse it out with water before using again. NEVER use a rectal catheter for vaginal insufflation. Even though cleaned, keep them separate.
What happens if I can’t hold it in 30 seconds?
Answer: So the air escaped, no matter, keep going the full 30 seconds , remove catheter, and try to hold at the end for 15 seconds.
What if I do more than 30 seconds?
Please don’t! 30-40 seconds on the timer is sufficient. It will cause damage by inflating too much air up the rectum, even though you will Fart it out, its reflex. You will experience pain.
How often do I treat myself? 
We treat ourselves 6 days a week minimum 1 treatment a day. For the acquired period. Unless you have contacted me personally and I have stated otherwise. (more on this later)

Vaginal Insufflation

Vaginalaginal insufflation, yeast infection, candida, Vaginal hygiene, Vaginal thrush, Vaginal yeast infection, Vaginal discharge after period, Vaginal infection, Vaginal atrophy, Vaginal inflammation, Vaginal itching, Vaginal discharge, Myoma in uterus wall, enlarged  sensitive uterus
In the previous mentioned studies the protocol is 10 days long with 1 session each day.
  1.  The vagina needs more moisture to avoid the drying effect of ozone. 
  2. There are 2 ways to do this, 
 Just take a small syringe of water and Squirt  into the vagina, lying down, before treatment.
OR…Attach a water bubbler that is used also for oxygen breathing, connect the ozone output directly to it , and then attach the catheter to the output of the oxygen, you might have to get creative adjusting the silicone tube and then the catheter on to that. There are other vaginal catheters to buy. But it’s not necessary. 
Open oxygen, open ozone, wait till you smell the ozone.
  1. Insert Catheter as deep as possible, lying down and start a 2-8 minutes treatment.
  2. Do not try to hold it in or block the exit, allow air to flow freely
  3. Ventilation … either open the window or use a fan to blow ozone in another direction.
  4. You can place a towel on your lap, which will absorb some of the excess ozone.
  5. This treatment is good for all gynecological problems, including avoiding operations like hysterectomy. 
  6. You can combine the rectal in morning and vaginal in evening or both vaginal, one  2 minutes the other longer up to 8 minutes. If you’re treating only vaginal problems, do vaginal if treating other things too, do both, rectal and vaginal.
  7. At the end of treatment advised to repopulate the   vaginal flora with Lactobacillus via tablets for 7 days. The intestinal flora can also be repopulated with Lactobacillus probiotic tablets orally for 1 month.
  8. If you feel dryness, or irritations , simple coconut oil  as a lubricant will do the trick.
  9.  Cleaning the Catheter: wash with soap and water, then place in a small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to disinfect. Remember to rinse it out with water before using again. NEVER use a rectal catheter for vaginal insufflation. Even though cleaned, keep them separate.

Penis Bagging

Treating Your Partner to Prevent Re-Infection
To prevent renewed infection it is wise to treat your partners genitals and sterilize them just like you have treated your vaginal infection. To do so you can use the special ozone resistant bag for bagging, ( OR thick quality plastic, like a shopping bag.)
  • Use Ozone water to soak and moisten the genitals. Dry skin can get irritated easily. So make sure the testicles and penis are well soaked.  
  • Pack penis and testicles into the plastic bag and tighten with a strap. (not too tight) 
  • Install ozone inlet on one side and outlet opposite at the other side of the bag. Connect inlet to ozone generator. For the outlet make a small hole in plastic for ozone to exit, If you don’t have a destruct unit just make sure there is good ventilation in the room. Cover with towel
  • Set the flow regulator to the first lowest stand. 
  • OZONATE for around 4 to 5 min. 
  • Use coconut ozone oil or olive ozone oil to lubricate and prevent reinfection after ozone treatment. 

Leg Bagging

Leg Bagging  same as penis bagging, no need to buy expensive bags use a good quality garbage bag
 Used to treat gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, burns, tick (or any other insects) bites, any wounds that are infected or slow healing, or those that refuse to heal, nail fungus, any signs  inflammations and pain conditions included Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Ozone kills any bacteria, viruses, fungus, or molds infecting the open wound, increases blood flow to the wound, and stimulates the healing process. It has been documented that many body parts have been spared amputation through the application of ozone in this method. Treatment times vary depending on the type of wounds being treated but typically range from 10 – 30 minutes.

Ozone Eye Drops 

In Germany you will find that many doctors use Ozone eye drops for Dry, Inflamed, Red – Eyes, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Infected Eyes
Infected and inflamed eyes, cysts in eyes, macular degeneration, red eyes, dry eyes, can be easily flushed with Ozone Eye Drops. Bubble ozone through Saline or distilled water. The concentration is very light but will help deal with all infections in your eyes, dental problems, gum, pimples and other infected wounds. 
The essential concepts to bear in mind are the following:
1 liter Saline or distilled water ,For maximum concentration bubble for 10 to 15 min. Can be stored in a closed bottle in the fridge for 4 hours of use. After that half life will reduce the concentration to 50%. 


What are the benefits of ozone ear insufflation?
Ear insufflation uses are numerous, but some uses are ear infections, sinus infection, brain fog, decrease inflammation, (tinnitus, hearing loss, only 50%)  and also stimulate growth factors in the ear. Ear insufflation also promotes systemic circulation of Ozone therefore can get some of the same effects as MAH
As the ear is close to the nose we need to make sure that we stand near an open window, in order not to breathe in Ozone, it will irritate the lungs, and cause you to cough. 
How to :
  1. Take a wet earbud to wet the inside of the ear. This protects the ear lining and allows the absorption of ozone better.
  2. Place the silicone tube ( without catheter) by the opening of your ear. 
  4. 30 seconds each ear for adults, 15 seconds for children under 12 years, if the child is comfortable with 15 seconds try a little bit more by the 3rd treatment.
  5. You can also use lukewarm ozonated olive oil after treatment to help promote it further, and to eliminate itching. 1 drop with a dripper.
  6. Another great way for treating ears is 1 drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Just add 1-2 drops in the ear, lying down and let it bubble for a few minutes, before doing the other ear.

Ozonated Water for drinking

Most of us are aware that ozone is basically a treatment of pure oxygen and its effect on the human body is even better. As our human body is made up of 70% of water, we use ozone in many different ways, one of them is what we know as ozonated water.  Ozone highly purifies the water, as it is soluble in water. It maintains its tri-oxygen identity.
Biological Properties of Ozonated Water:
  • It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact.
  • It breaks down harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.
  • It purifies the blood by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms.
  • It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer.
  • It provides more oxygen to the brain.
  • It boosts the immune system.
Preparation of Ozonated Water:
  1. In order to prepare this, we first use a glass bottle filled with approximately ¾ of pure water (mineral water) 
  2. Insert ozone silicone tube with the stone bubbler into water and bubble continuously for at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. Cover partly with plastic wrap, allowing some air to exit. 
  4. Refrigerated at 18-20 degrees, will allow a  half-life of 9 hours, at room temperature half-life is approximately 4-5 hour.
  5. Ozonated water should be drunken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and at night minimum 3 hours after drinking and eating anything. Be disciplined .

 What Is Ozonated Olive Oil? Make your  own  (inquire about another ozone device for this process, not connected to oxygen, it's the same as the Sauna ozone device)

Ozonated olive oil , jojoba oil, and there are other oils you can try. The professional will have a lot to say about how, who and why, but this is what I do and it is perfect and clients have all claimed it’s wonderful and has made a big difference in whatever problem they are treating.
  1. Glass bottle is a must. I usually buy olive oil in a glass bottle and use it.
  2. Remove about a quarter, so that it doesn’t bubble over. You can add a bubbling stone from your package or not . place deep in the oil. For extra precaution of making a mess I put it on a newspaper or paper towel.
  3. I bubble overnight in a ventilated room, sealed off from the rest of the house, usually 11-12 hours (you can do more).
 This will still look the same but once refrigerated it starts to go creamish, but will always go back to liquid form out of the fridge
Other ozonated oils are ozonated for up to 6 days.
  1. Kept sealed in the fridge this can last up to 10 years, left out unsealed will lose its effect within 3 months. I always have a small bottle handy that I top up.
  2. What do I use it for: Hemorrhoids,( gets excellent feedback from clients). Vagina, Bee sting, or any other sting, eczema anywhere. Soothing irritated skin, itchy skin, dry skin, nappy rash, herpes. And the list goes on, just try it.

Ozone Sauna

Ozone device +- 50$ just drop me a line and I’ll order you one. Shipping is approximately the same as it is delivered via DHL. prices may vary. 
Sauna tent. This is the model I have and have been using for 12 years, I was told that the fabric would not hold for longer than a year and here we are 12 years later and it has been used at least 2 a week. The steamer that it comes with did not last. It got rust on the bottom and I replaced it 3 years ago.
I have this model. The head must be outside. It looks small but I’ve had men of over 190m fit in it. I use a plastic garden chair inside on a towel, on the floor, that protects from tearing the plastic and absorbing the excess water from the steamer. The model below is what a few of my clients have bought. And they too are very happy with this model.
On Aliexpress.com – search: “portable saunas” “portable sauna with free shipping” the prices changes all the time so look around you will see the same design at different prices MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING WITH THE STEAMER, the price that i’ve bought for over 10 years has always been between 100-150$ free shipping. The “free shipping” might look more expensive but it will be cheaper than if they add the shipping. It is a big package, with a steamer about 5 kilos.
  1. How to use: 
  2. Place a small towel on the plastic chair or any other chair, and have another handy to place around your neck on the outside of the sauna so that steam and ozone stay in. 
  3. Your tent is up, the steamer is steaming. Wait until there is a bit of steam in the sauna tent before you go in.
  4. You don’t need more than 10 min ozone for sauna, BUT you are doing the short sauna, and you’re alone( I presume)  your body needs to warm up before the ozone can penetrate through the pores, therefore the extra 5 min. 
  5. Once it’s hot, put your ozone device on for 15min only.  It has a timer on it so you will know when it’s done.
  6. Get in. Close up, and put a towel around your neck to prevent steam coming out. Why? because it’s ozonated and you don’t want to be breathing it for 15-30 min.
  7. So 15 min is up, carefully get up in order not to slip, and rinse off in shower, or dry yourself down.
  8. 30 min Sauna is mainly for detox and weight loss. Here I make clients sit for 5 min until the steam is nice and hot and they are hot. Then I open 10 min of ozone. ONLY. And the rest of the time it’s just another 15 min left to steam with the leftover ozone in the tent.
I have only had one case of some-one getting over bronchitis, and he lingered a long time before getting into the shower. By the end of he’s shower he could hardly breathe. I got a fright, and gave him a Vitamin C drink to neutralize the ozone . Remember people who can’t breathe need to EXHALE, they are trying to get air in, while the lungs are actually full of air. INHALING is a reflex so once the air is EXHALED the reflex will pull air into the lungs. Stay calm


You are committing to a 6 week to 3 month routine.
All cells have the ability to renew themselves within 3 months.
Start your day by drinking 1 glass of ozone water + At the end of the day 1 hour before bed, 3 hours after eating and don’t eat anything else drink another glass of ozonated water.
Do a rectal insufflation of 30 seconds. After a bowel movement. If you have constipation and haven’t been to the toilet yet , just go ahead and do it anyway, it might help to go.
OPTIONAL DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU ARE TREATING –In the evening sometime, either another rectal or vaginal insufflation. 
Take your vitamins daily. Rest as much as possible
After 3-6 days the body will start a mild detox, what does that actually mean? You may start to feel tired, have no energy, or might think “ I’m feeling worse!!” These are all good signs .. do not stop. 
The body can also go into Crisis : might get diarrhea, feel like you want to bring up or even bring up, Crisis last for no more than 3 days, DO NOT STOP TREATMENT. If it lasts longer contact me!! Because the next phase is bliss.
It is not clear at what period each person goes into detox and not sure that everyone will, as the 1 treatment a day is to avoid heavy detox, allowing the body to remove and repair at a gentle pace, but just stay the path there is a bright shiny you at the end.
Below more about what you can expect


Topical Treatments with Ozone

Infected and inflamed slow healing wounds, fungi or yeast infections at your legs or arms, diabetic gangrene, radiation burns, rejuvenation,  are best treated with either bathing and rinsing with ozone water and by directly applying the gas on the wound. 
  • Rinse, soak or wash the infected body part with Ozone water as indicated in the table below.
  • Insert the infected body part into the bag( strong plastic is good)  and seal with either tape or a strap. Be careful not to restrict the blood supply by tightening too hard. Keep the bagged area as small as necessary to concentrate the effect to where it’s needed. 
  • Set the oxygen flow regulator to the lowest flow .Connect the ozone silicone tube, to the plastic bag directly above the wound.
  • Remove  the air out of the bag at the other end of the bag and make a little hole for the Ozone to exit . you may buy an ozone destructor to connect to this or not, the important thing is good ventilation.
  • Close the outlet with either fingers until the bag is fully inflated. 4-8 minutes is long enough. Close ozone flow and just wait a minute or two. If wound feels too irritated after treatment do less time ..2 min-4 min
  • Treat for as long as necessary and repeat until the wound has healed. 
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