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This link will divert you to an external page where you can order a Steam Capsule. They do sell Single units. Do not buy their Ozone generator its too big and expensive

Ozone Tent

I have been using a tent for 10 years, and am very happy with the quality. I recommend using this type. The prices fluctuate so browse around, make sure you are ordering with the steamer. The ozone is connected externally


You will be redirected to Products page to buy the Ozone Generator and receive the Instruction's on best applications.

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Frequently asked questions

The introduction video on the top explains it very well

I was told that the tent would not hold up to the Ozone, but I had no option but to buy the tent as I didn’t have the finances to buy the Capsule. Well it did hold up still using it 15 years later, and have treated numerous people in the same tent. The capsule is more professional if you are treating clients

Yes, High blood pressure is challenging for a HOT sauna therefor not advised. Yet if the blood pressure is controlled via medication and the person is supervised. A short 15 min sauna will even help regulate it.

You are free to buy where ever you wish, I am just supplying a device that I know is sufficient and cheap. You can get another opinion, but I do know what I’m taking about. My aim is to help you, not rip you off.

The Ozone Sauna is fantastic for maintenance, lack of energy, wound healing and detoxifying. As for disease it is the combination with the  Medical Ozone Generator that brings about true cell renewal

Ozone Therapy is Optimization bringing about real change to your health Contact Us

My clients say

"I highly recommend Claire's services, she is warm, loving and professional, her directions are simple and clear. Through out the whole period of treatment she was attentive and empathetic. I highly recommend her service and the Ozone treatments helped, the results were evident"
Ozone therapy at home
Zichron Yakov ISRAEL
"One of the symptoms that I've been treating is Lyme Disease, I don't know if it was the Ozone Sauna or the medical Ozone treatments that helped but I don't care, as long as I continue waking up with a smile I'm doing what Claire tells me to!"
Ozone therapy at home
Sharon REED
"I've been suffering from fibromyalgia, and the only thing that has made a difference in my life is the Ozone Sauna, even after the first sauna I felt relief and was able to function without pain. I've been using my sauna for 3 years now, some times more and some times less, Claire was very supportive when I started my journey "
Ozone therapy at home
Daniel hoffman
"I had heard that drinking Ozonated water really helps with eliminating toxins, Claire guided me to the proper Ozone generator to use and gave me a protocol to follow, "
Ozone therapy at home